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Castle Hot Springs

 We often receive questions about Castle Hot Springs. Castle Hot Springs is private property, but one can drive by the facility and admire it from a distance. Castle Hot Springs is located just north of Lake Pleasant. The drive itself along Castle Creek is unique and surrounded by rugged mountains. Never attempt this trip during rainy periods because it is prone to flash flooding.

Before Europeans discovered the springs it was used by Indians. Even in times of war, safe passage was granted to these “magic waters”.

In 1867 Col. Charles Craig was chasing a band of Apaches that had raided mining camps in the southern Bradshaw’s. He stumbled upon the hot springs, hidden by thick brush in a nearby side canyon, just off Castle Creek. Craig marveled at the surrounding mountains that looked like castles and named the bubbling hot springs, Castle Hot Springs. Rumors quickly spread that the hot springs worked wonders, in healing all kinds of afflictions. Miners, ranch hands, wagon drivers and solders came to hot flowing water to be healed. Eventually the hot springs became a stage stop along the Phoenix to Wickenburg stage road. While horses were changed passengers were invited to spend time in the amazing hot water. By 1896, because of the location's popularity, more facilities were built and soon it became a world renowned resort.  A long list of rich and famous guests have visited the hot springs, such as Teddy Roosevelt, Clark Gable, the Rockefeller's, Ford's, Kennedy's and many others

John F. Kennedy liked the facility so much that he stayed for 3 months after world war two. He was said to have explored much of the surrounding area and may have given “Black Cave”, just north of the resort, its name. The facility has had numerous owners over the years. Between 200,000 and 400,000 gallons of water, with a temperature around 122 degrees, flow from the hot springs each day. The water emerges from a crack in the rock wall, supplying three deep pools with water that is quite pure, odorless and crystal clear. It’s thought the source depth is around 10,000 feet.

Today the hot water flows into a series of pools and is also pumped into the guest rooms in the resort. The facility is beautiful and one of the most unique places I have ever visited. It’s also an historic gem with relics dating back to the 1870’s. This private property is currently under new ownership again and is rumored to reopen. It is under video surveillance with security personnel to protect the premises. Remember to respect Private Property and keep out. If you watch carefully as you drive the Castle Hot Springs road you can see hot water trying to ooze out of the earth.

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