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Near Old Cordes looking West into the Bradshaws

, Hassayampa Lake

Century Plant visited by Hummingbird, East side of Bradshaws


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Welcome to The Bradshaw Mountains.com reflecting this beautiful, wild part of Arizona.

Our website is updated once a month, so check back often.

This unique mountain range is known for its scenic beauty, hiking trails, back roads, ghost towns, western stories, and wildlife. The last of the Apache Indian wars were fought here. Oh yes and its gold and silver! Itís said to be one of the richest gold filled mountains in the US.

We live in these mountains and have explored and photographed them for the last 40 years.


This website exists to provide you more information for your next adventure into these rugged mountains. For those that may not be able to come, this site serves as a photographic document.


We offer a small sampling of what this mountain range offers. No, we are not going to give away all our secret locations, but will leave hints here and there for other hidden places, for the hard core seeker. 


  • Locations for your next adventure 

  • Newsletter/blog

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  • Unique locations

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  • Ghost towns

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Please be responsible with this website and leave these special

locations as you found them.

Enjoy our website. Check back often for updates. Tread lightly and safely

Prints are available from photographs illustrating each page. Order by emailing us the page the image comes from and size you desire. Check or credit card are accepted.
8x10 = $30.00, 11x14 = $49.00, 12x18 = $69.00, 16x20 = $78.00, 20x30 = $98.00


Mission Statement

Encourage and provide responsible adventurers information and photographic documentation on the Arizona Bradshaw Mountains and to be an advocate in preserving its sensitive locations.

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Images may not be reproduced. Contact us for use.
Please provide us credit when referencing our material.


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